Bone Instruments

We offer a multitude of bone instruments and solutions within the field of neurosurgery, from punches and rongeurs to curettes. Special storage elements complement the product range.

Spreading, Retracting, Holding

Barrier-free working is a fundamental prerequisite for the delicate work of neurosurgeons. As partners, we support every single user with our solutions specifically designed for neurosurgical applications.

Instruments for Pituitary Surgery

From Tew through Mikaeel to Jannetta, we offer all instruments required and applied during interventions on the hypophysis.

Micro Instruments

For interventions under the microscope and working with utmost precision. Our wide range of neurosurgical micro-instruments lets every user become an individualist.

Standard Instruments

In addition to special instruments, we offer the entire portfolio of standard instruments. Decades of surgical experience and quality made in Germany.



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