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Freedom2.0: Sonicision – remanufactured by Vanguard.

Available in 2021: Vanguard’s remanufactured Sonicision offers you not only freedom to work without cables, but as a low-cost alternative to the OEM product, the freedom to redirect your budget into patient care and new technology!


HARMONIC ultrasonic shears – remanufactured by Vanguard

Our remanufactured ultrasonic shears of the HARMONIC series from Johnson & Johnson are available in two different lengths.

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We offer a wide range of products with remanufactured medical devices from the fields of electrophysilogy and surgery.

Please note for our CE certified portfolio: If a device cannot be remanufactured e.g. because it is damaged, you can replace it with a CE-certified device purchased directly from Vanguard inventory. Our customers can also purchase CE-certified products without having to trade in a used device. Feel free to consult our direct sales promotions.



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