Autoclaves – pharma & lab

Ensure regulatory compliance and product safety with our autoclaves, featuring validation protocols, advanced monitoring systems and patented technology for pharma and lab settings. Innovation and product safety at the highest level.


Chamber volume 644–1,267 litres

Large steriliser for the fast and gentle sterilising of large quantities of liquids in closed containers, such as blood bags, vials, ampules or infusions used in research, production or a hospital pharmacy.

Vakulab HL

Chamber volume 460–3,286 litres

Large steriliser for use in production and in the pharmaceutical industry for the safe and economic sterilisation of solid, porous and liquid goods such as infusion solutions or microbiological nutrient solutions, and system parts in the area close to production (fermenter, filling systems, clean room clothing, filters etc.).

Vakulab PL

Chamber volume 160–4,285 litres

Steam steriliser for use in microbiological labs, research institutes and animal facilities for the disinfection and sterilisation of solid, porous and liquid goods as well as infectious waste.

A versatile range of equipment, such as a partition or an H202 connection for the introduction of gas, as well as a variable program design mean that individual customer requirements can be met perfectly.

Ventilab PL

Chamber volume 527–708 litres

Large steriliser for use in production and in research labs for the safe and efficient sterilisation and microbe reduction of solid, porous and liquid goods such as utensils, filters or food.

Ventilab PL is already equipped as standard with all the components required for sterilising liquids in sealed vessels. The fan ensures the best possible temperature distribution and fast cooling.


Chamber volume 73–254 litres

Steam sterilizer UNISTERI® HP IL represents a sterilization response to challenges of micro-organisms in the lab. Nutrient media, solutions in open or closed bottles, highly pathogenic samples of micro-organisms, solid or porous materials or materials sensitive towards pressure changes, contaminated material, used filters, animal boxes, animal food, food and other materials – all these items set the wide spectrum of our requirements towards materials that may be quickly, perfectly and reliably disinfected and sterilized by the steam sterilizer UNISTERI® HP IL.


Chamber volume 148–1490 litres

The STERIVAP® autoclave is intended for sterilization of solid, porous, plastic materials and solutions in open bottles. The basic design of the device with a usable volume of 148 – 1490 litres, together with the offer of optional equipment, will satisfy those interested in order to ensure fast and high-quality sterilization. A sterilizer suitable especially for sterilizations at chart rooms, larger and accumulated private practices, central sterilization units, in laboratory design also suitable for use in laboratories.


Chamber volume 148–2020 litres

The latest modularly built STERIVAP® HP IL sterilizer is suitable for the microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology and waste decontamination area. The steam sterilizers are intended for sterilization of solid objects without liquids content, liquid sterilization – solutions, cultural and boiling soils, suspensions and emulsions, liquid medical forms; steam decontamination.



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