safe & cost effective low temperature sterilisation

Introducing the new Hyper LTS®

We are excited to introduce the new Hyper LTS® 150, combining quality and low energy consumption for safe and cost effective sterilisation of heat sensitive medical devices.

About the Hyper LTS 150®

H2O2 based low temperature plasma sterilizer

The Hyper LTS®150 has been specifically designed to sterilize heat sensitive medical devices.

It offers unique technologies at a high safety level and best user friendliness with hands-free automatic sliding doors, rapid warm up and drying system, and plug and play installation.

Key benefits include:

  • Environmentally friendly: the by-products after sterilisation are water and oxygen, contributing to a greener environment.
  • Low temperature sterilisation: the process temperature stays below 60° C and cycle times are less than 1 hour causing less heat stress to medical device materials.
  • Safety: any residual H2O2 is broken down into non-toxic residues (water & oxygen).
  • Fast cycle times : Increase instruments turnover and reduce inventory needs.



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