Modular CSSD

Meet your CSSD capacity requirements with a high-quality modular solution that’s right for you.

Modular and scalable CSSD solutions

extend your csSd capacity during renovation

How do you keep your hospital facilities running while expanding or renovating?

We partner with the MMM Group, a leading supplier of construction and renovation services of medical technology departments to deliver Mobile Processing Units (MPU) that meet your needs.

Our mobile and modular CSSD provides a fast and sustainable solution that is flexible, customisable and easy to implement so that you can clean, sterilise and repackage surgical instruments with no interruptions.

  • Available for lease or purchase
  • Designed, manufactured and installed by experts
  • Flexible & customisable
  • No interference with processes during renovations
  • Personnel are not exposed to noise during the renovation
  • Short installation time
  • Huge cost savings


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